Sunday, October 13, 2013

Only One Device for All Your Teeth Cleaning Needs

It is ludicrous, I have all the above 'devices', I use most of them but to no avail. So a few time ago I sent the following postcard to a British entrepreneur, of course he does not need my ideas (and this is less than an idea) but I could not help it.

Dear ... ,

I am using all the devices on the front of the postcard to clean my teeth, however not very successfully as I still have decays, gingivitis, and many other things not discovered yet.

Could you manufacture one device that replaces all of them?

Something I could hold in my mouth that would thoroughly clean my teeth while I watch TV.


And recently I read about Blizzident

"All Blizzident-bristles are tailored to your own teeth. They are placed on the surface of your teeth in a 45 degree angle. They are also aligned exactly along your gumline in a 45 degree angle.

Additionally there are interdental bristles between all your teeth.

For tailoring we use a 3D model of your teeth (created from an impression or scan of your teeth by your dentist)."

I knew that the device I 'envisioned' would have to be custom made to one's teeth, but I would have liked the device to have some small engines that move the bristles.

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