Sunday, April 21, 2013

Exercise to watch TV or use the PC

SportsArt Fitness makes exercise equipment capable of generating electricity.

TV/PC-Do-Sport - Device to lock the TV/PC

The user of such a device would have to exercise in order to be able to watch TV or use the PC.

1. The TV would be connected through this device to a rowing machine, treadmill, elliptical, etc. 
Only when the user exercises can she/he watch TV, otherwise not; if a movie lasts 2 hours the user will need to pedal for 2 hours.

2. The user has to exercise for a certain duration (previously set) daily/weekly and so she/he can get ‘the right’ to watch any time TV during the day/week or use the PC. The duration of the exercise will be stored and according to the initial settings the TV/PC will be ‘unlocked’.
The lock could be removed (no more exercises, subsequently ‘free’ TV and usage of the PC) using a code obtained by Internet.
But, here is the catch: the customer would have to pay a certain fee for it so he will think twice before giving up.  People usually have no will but when money is involved, they wouldn’t give up so easily. The fee could be tied perhaps to the duration of using the lock, so the faster they give up the more they have to pay.

I sent an e-mail to SportsArt Fitness as they would have the capabilities to manufacture this device if they consider this idea worth pursuing.
However, they must have lots of ideas on their own, only curious whether they will respond or acknowledge in any way my e-mail.

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