Friday, November 23, 2012

DORITOS Super Bowl Commercial Contest - Inspiration

2 guys come on the stage: a fat, small, bold, bearded guy and an athletic, handsome guy.

The interviewer: ‘What do you good looking gay, I mean guy, have as a snack?’
The good looking guy: ‘Apples, carrots, maybe an yoghurt.
The interviewer to the audience: ‘’Does this guy inspire you?’
Everyone boos.
The interviewer: ‘I didn't think so. What about you fat, bearded, small guy?
The small guy opens the jacket and bags of Doritos hang on the inside.
The interviewer: ‘I love you small, not talkative guy!’ to the audience: ‘Doesn't he deserve a big round of applauses?’
Everyone applauds.
The interviewer bends and says to the small guy: ‘You have some chip crumbs in your beard.’
Everyone goes quiet. You can hear the pin drop and a pin drops. The small fat bearded bold guy has a look, takes the crumbs and eats them.
Another big round of applauses, people are exhilarated, some jump on to the stage to hug the small guy.

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