Sunday, October 14, 2012

Two Sisters (Working Title)

Main characters:

2 sisters Arya and Shia, Arya more beautiful than Shia; Shia is the older sister 

Rajiv: very good looking, one of the most popular boys in the high school and the captain of the school’s cricket team, they reached the state finals last year. 

Ganesh: typical nerd, glasses, skinny, spending all the time with the computer.

The Plot

Arya falls in love with Rajiv. Shia likes him too and secretly is jealous with her. The parents do not approve this relationship. They say the boy is from a different caste and they are poor too (he is an orphan and lives with his aunt). They have arguments, she cries, she says she loves him.

Mother:”Your older sister needs to get married first !”
Arya: “Look at her, she won’t get married too soon !”
Arya: “It was a joke sis !” (she is not only beautiful but funny too)
Shia smiles forcefully, she did not taste the joke.

Some boys are picking on Ganesh, they are chasing him, Rajiv intervenes him and saves him. This is the start of an unusual friendship. Ganesh mentors Rajiv at history and math lessons. Rajiv teaches Ganesh how to be a better cricket player, so he is no longer the last boy to be picked when captains choose their teams (he is now the last but one, no longer the last one).  

Arya gets pregnant, she and Rajiv elope and go to Bombay as he wants to become an actor. He gets a secondary role in a movie. They have money, he starts partying and having a good time with other girls, spends not too much time at home. Arya cries, makes scandal but in vain. She is too proud to return home.

One night the tragedy strikes. Rajiv is drunk, drives carelessly a Mahindra Scorpio with a very high speed, a truck comes from the opposite direction, a holy cow all of the sudden appears in front, so Rajiv has to swerve brusquely and ends in a ditch gravely injured.
He is in cast in hospital for a few months and loses the role.

After being discharged from hospital Rajiv tries in vain to get a new role but he does not get the big break as he had hoped for. No-one wants to employ him knowing his drinking habit. He starts to drink even more and he continues to party and start cheating Arya with other women. They run out of money and she is expecting with another baby.
They have no other choice but to go back to her parents.
They cry and receive her with open arms.
Joyous dances.

Meanwhile Shia had to get married with Ganesh. She didn’t want to as she did not like him at all (not to mention that after Rajiv’s departure secretly she was dating someone else). The parents find out and force her into a hastily arranged marriage with Ganesh. They tell her it was for their own best.
What about Ganesh ? He didn’t mind at all as anyway he did not have a girlfriend, and not any chance to have one too soon so he saw this as an opportunity to hold for the first time a girl’s hand.

After a while Shia and Ganesh move to the States as he got the green card.

10 years forward: Ganesh and Shia come back with their 2 children to visit their parents.
They look very well as Ganesh set up a successful software company that soon would have its IPO.  He’d had eye surgery and now he’s got 20-20 vision. He’s been working out too. He is getting bald (the hairline is receding at an alarming rate) but hair surgery is going to solve this.
Joyous songs and dances.

The two families meet and the contrast is staggering. Shia looks much better in her clothes bought in Paris and Milan and younger than Arya who’s had had 5 or 6 children (too many to event count them). All her kids are barefoot. Shia’s 2 kids wear Nike shoes and Calvin Klein clothes.
Rajiv is as usual more drunk than sober.
One night he overhears his first boy talking to his cousin: “I wish my father would be like yours !”
He goes out and starts crying bitterly, kneels down and swears to Shiva that he will change.
Sad songs and dances.

Next day he goes with a spirits bottle to his former boss at the construction site, he pours the bottle on the ground in front of the boss and asks for the job back.
“Sorry, no !”
He leaves, shoulders down. The boss picks up the bottle, smells it and calls him back.
Joyous songs and dances.

Next week Rajiv gets the salary, and passes by the bar. Friends call him to have a drink with them, at the beginning he refuses but he is too weak and caves in. Arya sees him but does not dare say anything.
Sad songs and dances.

Rajiv goes to the bar, takes out the wallet and when he takes out the money he sees the photo of his wife and him when they were younger. He looks up and sees himself in the mirror above the bar. The difference is staggering. Tears come to the corner of his eyes. He puts the money back and leaves the bar. He goes home not before stopping at a store to buy candies and sodas for the kids.

Arya sees him coming sober and she starts crying with joy.
Joyous songs and dances.

Fast forward 5 years
Arya and Rajiv move to the States as well. Ganesh helps him set up a home building company and he does very well.
Meanwhile Ganesh’s software company IPO did not go through and his company filed for bankruptcy as well due to intense competition from India.
His mansion with swimming pool and tennis court had to be foreclosed.
They had to move with Arya and Rajiv’s.

Last scene:
All of them are happy and sit at the table eating Indian food with the exception of Rajiv’s children that say they don’t like it and have burgers and milkshake from McDonald’s.

In the background the announcer says on TV:
“Bobby Jindal the governor of Lousiana is leading in the first count of the votes for the presidential elections”

The End

If you have suggestions for songs, scenes and dialogue you’d like to see in the movie, you are more than welcome to post them in the comments.


  1. I like the idea, now it is the time for a fully developed script.

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